The Smart Security Company

Smart Security is a wholly Australian-owned company, based in Perth, WA.
We have been in the business of security for 15 years and are proud of our a proven record of quality products, professional service and satisfied customers.

We offer you the latest technology in home and business burglar alarms, CCTV systems, 24 hour monitoring systems and Medical and Nurse Call systems.

We also offer you a DIY option, should you prefer to install your home burglar alarm yourself, and  can service and repair all types of alarm systems in and around Perth.

At Smart Security we recognize the importance of personal safety and take into account the fact that budget, size of property and degree of security required will vary according to individual needs. We therefore tailor-make every security plan according to each client’s unique circumstances.

Smart Security believes in honesty and openness in order to bring about a good working relationship with its clients.
Our installers are trained to take the greatest of care when working on your premises. They take pride in following best industry practice in their relationship with you, the customer.

 As a director of the company, Tony Mathers takes an active hands-on role in its day-to-day operations

"We treat our customers the same way we expect to be treated in our own homes or businesses." ~ Tony Mathers

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our workmanship and on the quality of the products we install, and as a Ness Select Dealer,

     Smart Security guarantees that you receive Australian designed and manufactured products.
     The full backing of Ness Security Products, multiple winner of the Australian Design Award, with ISO9001 Quality Accreditation.
     A guarantee that your installation and after-sales service is of the highest standard.
     A guarantee that your security requirements will be met at competitive prices.

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