CAP Security Services Pty Ltd

CAP Security Services Pty Ltd (CAP) was established in response to the growing demand for well trained and professional security and event personnel in South East Queensland.

From this base CAP has grown over the past decade attracting clients and contracts from establishments such as (but not limited to) Queensland Rugby Union Ltd / Ballymore Stadium / Suncorp Stadium /The Gabba / Brisbane Riverstage - as well as a myriad of other large annual entertainment events such as The Woodford Folk Festival, Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass to name but a few.

Some of the services we are able to offer are sought after by national sporting bodies such as Australian Rugby League Inc., Australian Rugby Union , Queensland Rugby League and the New South Wales Rugby league Referees Association. These bodies often seek CAP’s security and protection services.

CAP has for many years been consulted by various government departments and called upon to provide both close personal protection and general protection for dignitaries both national and international. Some of these events have included the recent Earth Dialogues at which Mikhail Gorbachev (former soviet president) was a guest speaker; other international dignitaries have also included Cherie Booth QC (wife of former English Prime Minister – Tony Blair). Another event to be serviced is the Asian Pacific City Summit.

In being contracted to provide the security and crowd control services to such esteemed clients CAP has had to broaden its register of employees to include those staff who possess specialised talents and skills in areas of traffic plan implementation, traffic control, CCTV monitoring, fire panel monitoring and control; and evacuation procedures. In addition to these services CAP also has fully qualified Workplace Health and Safety Officers and is able to develop, consult and assist with all Emergency and Safety Plans and Procedures for specific events and venues. CAP is a fully Quality Assured company to Standard AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000.

CAP operates on the ethos that each client has its own requirements and this is reflected in the method of operating. To achieve the best 'fit' for each client, CAP works closely with management to ensure that staff selection for the venue or event is completely suited to the needs and requirements of the client.


Dale Hall has over two decades of extensive experience in the security industry and business management. Since his appointment in 1993, Dale has steered the company from a small-scale security business into one of the largest and most reputable security companies in Queensland.

Dale is experienced in Workplace Health and Safety incorporating the areas of safety procedures, gate operations, treasury as well as barrier and evacuation procedures. Promoters of large-scale events regularly seek his advice.

Dale’s knowledge and expertise in this specialised area of barrier and pit security is acknowledge by security industry professionals and he regularly consults to promoters and venue managers as to procedures for concerts held at major stadiums around Queensland and Australia.

Dale plays an extensive role in the establishment and maintenance of security protocol at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. At this venue, Dale oversees more than 260 staff members.


    * Well established systems and processes
    * An innovative and adaptive approach based on the client’s requirements
    * Flexible in supplying resources to service the fluctuating demands of the hospitality and entertainment industries
    * The guarantee of staff when required
    * Minimisation of administration and staffing costs
    * Well trained, public relations focused staff educated in the policies of the particular venue
    * Multiple staffing options in the areas of security and events
    * CAP staff become promotional ambassadors for your organisation
    * Advanced technology capability
    * Well presented staff

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